Does your event have Event Medical 360?

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Since 2012, Action Medicine Consultants has been providing comprehensive medical services for small- and large-scale events.  We are just not an "event day" service, rather we work closely with event coordinators/organizers to ensure that all aspects of our "event medical 360" model supports the overall objective:  Success.  Our success model is built on utilization of best practices in event medical care to ensure a consistent level of care and service provided for your event.

With a primary service area in Louisiana, Action Medicine Consultants has dedicated events contracts throughout the Southeastern U.S., as well as our services are highly sought after to provide medical support at other major events throughout the United States.

In addition to providing dedicated medical staff for your event, we also work closely with event organizers to collaborate with local organizations in providing volunteer engagement and support during the event.

Lastly, a critical component to a successful event is communication and coordination of medical services with local public safety and emergency medical support services.  This includes pre-event planning meetings, coordinated communications planning, and an orchestrated medical support system to ensure a safe and fun experience for participants and spectators.



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